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Bharat temple is situated in the heart of the township of Rishikesh. It is approximately half kilometer away from the Triveni Ghat, the famous river bank in the town. Said to be the oldest temple in Rishikesh, it is also regarded as one of the most ancient shrines in India. According to historical evidences, Adi guru Shankracharya, the great theologian,laid the foundation stone of Bharat temple. The temple has been named after LordRam’s second brother ‘Bharat’; however the presiding deity of this temple is LordVishnu, ‘the Preserver’.

The statue of God Narayana (Vishnu), enshrined in Bharat temple, is of black stone,carved out from a single piece of Saligram. The image has a noticeably Himalayanappearance. Though the temple’s main deity is Lord Vishnu, it holds a number of otherillustrations as well, generally related to Lord Shiva, the Destroyer. The idol of LordHrishikesh Bharatji is also installed in this temple. The idol was obscured in the Maya Kund of the temple.

Every year, on the day of Basant Panchami, the idol of Lord Hrishikesh is taken out, in aholy procession, for a dip in the sacred water of river Ganga. Followers from far offplaces come to Rishikesh for participating in this procession. The holy records of Bharattemple can be found in the ancient records of Kearkhand, a religious text of Hindus. It issaid that the temple that stands now is actually a renovated image of the originaltemple, which was destroyed by Tamur, a bandit. Bharat temple is the perfectdestination for tourists who have a love for ancient religious monuments and a desire toexplore historical facts. There is a museum also in the temple which has some of theoldest statue of lord Shiva and other historical items.

Distance from Hotel Ishan – A Riverside Retreat, Rishikesh: 4 kilometers approximate

Bharat Mandir