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Flying Fox

We have fixed a hard wire from one end of the valley to the other. This wire is more than a kilometer long and there is a large apparatus attached to it. You are harnessed to this apparatus which is released to gravity running on the wire from the height of 120 meters to achieve the speed of up to 160 kilometer per hour. Imagine yourself piercing through the air at such high speed. This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting activities offered by us. The apparatus you are harnessed to is then slowly brought back to the starting point. Flying Fox in Rishikesh is usually done by three persons at a time. However if you desire you can pay extra to do it alone.

Flying Fox Height: 120 Meters; Length: 1km; Speed: up to 160kmph.


  • Age: Minimum 12 years.
  • Weight: Minimum 35 kilogram and Maximum 120 kilogram
  • Reporting Time: 9 AM
  • Weekly off: Tuesday Closed
  • Bungee Location: Mohanchatti
Distance from Hotel Ishan – A Riverside Retreat, Rishikesh: 25 kilometers approximate