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White Water Rafting

In Rishikesh we have 4 different trips on which are differentiated based on the starting point of the tour. All these trips are carried out on the river Ganges and conclude below Laxmanjhula Bridge in Tapovan. In addition we have a special trip on river Bhagirathi.We have high quality rafting equipment’s which are some of the best in the world with all kinds of safety and rescue tools like wet suits, dry tops, Personal Floatation Devices,Safety Helmets, booties, throw ropes, first aid kit and medicines. We also carry a dry bag in case customers want to carry their mobile phones or cameras with them. Apart from a fun-filled journey on the raft which passes through the mountains of Garhwal, the trip also includes body surfing in the river, cliff jumping and a small snacks break. Special focus is laid on the safety of rafters. Before every trip the customers are briefed about the security measures and rescue techniques. All the trips are accompanied by safety kayakers who along with the raft guides are highly experienced and internationally certified.
Active Months - September to May
    Brahmapuri to Laxmanjhula
  • Price: Rs. 500/person
  • Distance: 6 km by river
  • Hours on river - 1 hour
  • Grade - Good class II
  • Major rapids - Initiation, Double Trouble

Shortest rafting day trip organized by us. The whole rafting experience takes around an hour on the river. The trip is comparatively easier and few small grade 2 rapids like double trouble and Initiation are on the way. Best for those who are short on time but still want to have an adventurous experience on the Ganges.

    Shivpuri to Laxmanjhula
  • Distance: 12 km by river
  • Hours on river - 2.5 hours
  • Grade - 3
  • Major rapids - Return to the Sender, Roller coaster, Golf course, Clubhouse, Initiation, Double Trouble

Commercially the most famous trip on the Ganga. The whole trip takes around 2 and a half hour and goes through some of the most famous class 3 rapids like Golf course and Roller coaster. The whole trip is high on adrenaline and guarantees an awesome experience with snack break and cliff jumping included in it.

    Marine Drive to Laxmanjhula
  • Price: Rs 1200/person
  • Distance: 20 km by river
  • Hours on river - 3.5 hours
  • Grade - 3
  • Major rapids - Three blind Mice, Return to the Sender, Roller coaster, Golf course, Clubhouse, Double Trouble

Longer rafting trip which takes around 3 and half hour on the river. Best for people who want to enjoy their whole day having an adventurous trip on the holy river of Ganges.

Note: Our entire trips end near Laxmanjhula which is within walking distance of our hotel.

Rules & Regulations:

  • 1. Customers shouldn’t have any medical problems like Asthma, heart diseases or any recent surgeries which might create problem during the trip.

  • 2. No alcohol or drugs intake before the trip. In case we discover any such usage we will cancel the trip without any refund.

  • Swimming is not required but customer shouldn’t have any water phobia.

Start time:

There is no fixed starting time for day trips. We usually customize the time depending upon the demands of the customers but generally it commences between 9 am to 2:30 pm.